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MSNBC, September 23, 2005

DriversDrive.com cited as a resource by MSNBC's Connected: Coast to Coast for information about gas prices following the Hurricane Rita and Katrina.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, September 23, 2005

BloggersBlog.com cited as a resource for hurricance blog coverage.

Reno News and Review, July 28, 2005

DriversDrive.com cited as a resource in an article about rising gas prices.

Forbes Best of the Web, July 26, 2005

ShoppingBlog.com was selected as a Forbes Best of the Web pick in a feature about the top 100 blogs on the Internet.

Knoxville News, July 26, 2005

ReadersRead.com: "What's on the site: Writing writers and the readers who read them

Bottom line: Black and white and read all over
What do the jurors of the Michael Jackson trial, Deep Throat and Saddam Hussein have in common? Give up? They all have either recently landed book deals or, in the case of Hussein, have new books out.

That's the sort of information you can expect to find at Readersread.com. Readers Read is a sprawling Web site with just about anything you could want as a book lover.

On its face, the site is a daily updated blog with the latest in book news. There you'll find updates on everything from Oprah's Book Club to Madonna's latest literary commitments.

But if you stop reading there, you'll never find out the ending. Besides news about books and authors in all genres, the site features a variety of other options for the bookworm in you. There are several best-seller lists, updates on books being turned into films, interviews with authors, book giveaways, a book release schedule, book excerpts, reviews, and links to a variety of other sites featuring literature and books.

If that's not enough, the site allows you to browse content based on your favorite genre. And you can subscribe to plenty of RSS Feeds hosted by the site."

Les Affaires, July 5, 2005

ShoppingBlog.com cited in a Les Affaires article about blogs and ecommerce.

Yahoo Buzz, June 20, 2005

ShoppingBlog.com cited as a resource in a Yahoo! Buzz feature about summer fashion.

The Florida Times-Union, May 31, 2005

"Best bets on the Net
Readers Read This site features news about popular books aswell as authors from all genres. Find bestseller lists, link to recommended sites for literature and books, read excerpts and firstchapters for many newly published books and more."

CNN's Inside the Blogs, May 10, 2005

Bloggers Blog was featured on CNN's Inside the Blogs, which is part of Judy Woodruff's Inside Politics.

Writer's Digest, May, 2005

WritersWrite.com listed as one of the 101 Best Websites for Writers in Writer's Digest's May, 2005 issue.

The Guardian, March 23, 2005

BloggersBlog.com cited in The Guardian's Blog Back section.

Knoxville News-Sentinel ,January 30, 2005

Writerswrite.com cited as a resource in an article about self-publication.

The Times of India, January 28, 2005

Writerswrite.com cited as a resource in an article called, "Talent Hunt for Writers".


New Straits Times - Computimes, (Malaysia), September 13, 2004

Article: Resources for Budding Writers, by Marisa Mohd Isa

Splash FM, May 7, 2004

Writerswrite.com named Splash FM Website of the Day by hosts Simon Osborne and Pete McIntosh.

Australian Screen Education, June 22, 2004

Article: Truth is Stranger than Magic: the Marketing of Harry Potter., by Galligan, Anne

The Anchor, Rhode Island College, February 3, 2004

Writerswrite.com mentioned in "Leave Your 'hallmark' With Greeting Cards" article by Anchor editor Jamie J. Pachomski.

Webdelsol.com, February 1, 2004

Webdelsol.com mentioned ReadersRead.com's Best Books of 2003 feature.

Press & Sun-Bulletin, January 29, 2004

Writerswrite.com cited as a resource in news story about author Dan Brown written by journalist Mary Pat Hyland.

Black Issues Book Review, January 1, 2004

"The Web site www. writerswrite.com/ greetingcards/publish.htm links to various greeting card publishers. Making the Best of Writing Opportunities ... "


CBC News World, October, 2003

Writenews.com mentioned on Hot Type with Evan Solomon: "Geared more towards media and publishing professionals, this site offers information like the latest sales figures at Barnes & Noble ... it is also comprehensive in its coverage of what's happening in the publishing and book worlds."

New Straits Times, September 13, 2003

Writerswrite.com mentioned as a notable writing website in article by Zan Azlee.

Chiff.com, July 23, 2003

Chiff.com selects writerswrite.com as a top resource in the The Business of Art, Arts Employment and Industry Resources category.

Ventura County Star, June 2, 2003

"Readersread, at www.readersread.com, offers both excerpts and first chapters for scores of the latest books. Read portions of children's books, mysteries and thrillers, fantasy and science fiction, general fiction, nonfiction and romance tomes. Using interactive forms, readers can voice their opinions about books in print."

Florida Times Union, May 29, 2003

Find excerpts and first chapters for many newly published books at this site. Read portions of children's books, mysteries and thrillers, fantasy and science fiction, general fiction, non-fiction and romance tomes. Using interactive forms, readers can voice their opinions about books in print.
www.readersread.com "

Writer's Digest, May, 2003

Writerswrite.com listed in the "101 Best Websites for Writers" feature.

The Guardian, March 13, 2003

"Will the printed word endure? I'm convinced of it. We've all become slaves to our computer screens but I can't imagine anyone wanting to curl up with an ebook ( www.writerswrite.com/epublishing/ edevices.htm )! People still want to turn pages. Similarly, if you're writing something long on a computer, you end up printing it out to read anyway! So much for the paperless office."

The Southland Times (New Zealand), February 13, 2003

"A great resource on the blogging phenomenon has been put together at www.writerswrite.com/blogging.

There you'll find blogging news headlines, tools and articles about creating a weblog."

Tampa Tribune, January 27, 2003

"www.writerswrite.com/fiction Don't begin your novel with 'It was a dark and stormy night.' Check out the resources in the fiction section."


Pittsburgh Tribune, November 2, 2002

"Prize-winning books and best sellers are a great place to start. The Web site www.readersread.com lists several award categories including children's books, adult fiction, nonfiction, mystery and science fiction."

Saint Paul Pioneer Press, July 7, 2002

Writers Write mentioned in article by Saint Paul Pioneer Press Book Critic Mary Ann Grossman.

Mac's Picks of the Week, May 21, 2002

Writerswrite.com selected as Mac's Pick of the Week.

Information Today, May 1, 2002

Writerswrite.com mentioned in news article by Stephanie C. Ardito and Susanne Bjorner.

Writer's Digest, May, 2002

Writerswrite.com listed in the "101 Best Websites for Writers" feature.

Link-Up, March 1, 2002

Writerswrite.com mentioned in article about online resources for fiction writers.

Wall Street Journal, February 12, 2002

"Other authors find inspiration at sites geared specifically to their craft. Among these, one of the most comprehensive is Writer's Write. It has links to reference resources including dictionaries, encyclopedias, government agencies and science and health sites that writers might want to visit. There is information on writers' conferences, job listings and media-industry news. There's also a monthly feature called Internet Writing Journal, a free online magazine that interviews established novelists, screenwriters and journalists to glean advice on how to improve writing skills. In one recent issue, Lawrence Block, author of the books "Hope to Die" and "Hit List," offered guidance to new writers on how to create realistic dialogue for characters."

Sydney Morning Herald, January 26, 2002

"Writers Write

What better route to self-improvement than penning the Great Australian Novel? Move over Patrick White, pipe down Peter Carey - if you look hard enough that work of literary genius may be lurking inside you, just waiting to burst out. The Web is full of resources for aspiring novelists, giving advice on topics ranging from writer's block to negotiating that contract. But let's not get ahead of ourselves: Writers Write has a good range of information for the wannabe literary hero and will help you make that first step to overcome the tyranny of the blank page."

The Melbourne Age, January 26, 2002

MediaInsider, January 21, 2002

The Boston Globe, January 20, 2002

Writerswrite.com's technical writing section recommended in an article in the Boston Globe by human resources management consultant Carole P. Kraus.

Webshots Pick, January 14, 2002

Readersread.com -- "Find news about the hottest books and authors in all genres."


Edmonton Journal, September 13, 2001

Writerswrite.com included the newspapers "Hot Sites" column.

The Hindu, July 19, 2001

"IF YOU are a wannabe writer or someone struggling to find his feet in the game of weaving words, there is help at hand, with several websites providing useful tips.

This site provides resources for writers. It includes job listings, author interviews, chat and message boards."

USA Today, June 10, 2001

Suggested as a resource for writers on Our Web Librarian's Tip column in USA Today

Newsday, May 30, 2001

Site of the Week: "Write On, Authors
www.writerswrite.com: Have you got the write stuff?"

Startup Journal, The Wall Street Journal, May 11, 2001

"I also like Writers Write, which has a directory of paying markets and a job bank for writers that you can access by categorical interest. Use this directory to find publications and companies that might be interested in the kind of writing that you want to do. Then contact those companies with your ideas."

Writer's Digest, May, 2001

Writerswrite.com listed in the "101 Best Websites for Writers" feature.

Folio, April, 2001

Writerswrite.com website was suggested as a resource for finding freelance writers.

Chronicle of Higher Education, April, 2001

The Write Jobs was listed in an article called, "Where To Find Information on Nonacademic Careers" by Gabriela Montell.

Toronto Star, February 17, 2001

"www.writerswrite.com: You needn't scratch away with a quill in your garret, all alone."

The Atlanta Journal Constitution, January 28, 2001

"Adults can find writing help and support online, too. WritersWrite (www.writerswrite.com) is a comprehensive site offering resources at the click of your mouse."


Listed as a featured web resource. "Home of the famous Internet Writing Journal, Writers Write features interviews and advice from already established authors to those still searching for their place in the market. Writers Write also includes links to various resources for writers of every genre, news about conferences around the country. Writers can explore job opportunities on Writers Write as well."


The Lancet, December, 2000 issue

Writerswrite.com's Epublishing Section mentioned in an article in The Lancet about ebooks.

Canadian Musician, December, 2000 issue

Writerswrite.com mentioned in article called, "Songwriting secrets."

The Washington Times, July 23, 2000

www.writerswrite.com was listed in the Washington Times as a source for book information.

Pennsylvania CPA Journal, July, 2000

Writerswrite.com listed as a resource in the article, "Get it write: Build skills to enhance your career."

The Guardian, June 13, 2000

The Guardian (London), Guardian Education Pages, Pg. 67, Education: Internet know-how: email writing style, Ros Taylor

Cybernation India, May 20, 2000

Writerswrite.com mentioned as a resource on electronic publishing and books in the article, "A PC in the family."

WorldHot.com, April 16, 2000

Writerswrite.com was given the worldhot.com award for the books category.

Bangkok Post, April 5, 2000

The Writer's Write web site is a resource for writers and those who aspire to write, and offers info on online writing classes, book publishing, reviews, chat rooms, writing jobs, directory of online authors and contests.

The Vancouver Sun, February 17, 2000

"Writer's Write
www. writerswrite.com/journal
Writing for online media really is different. I like some of the articles here for keeping up-to-date on the ''boos'' and ''yeas'' of keeping it short for the space challenged medium known as the Web."

The Vancouver Sun, February 17, 2000

"Writer's Write
www. writerswrite.com/journal
Writing for online media really is different. I like some of the articles here for keeping up-to-date on the ''boos'' and ''yeas'' of keeping it short for the space challenged medium known as the Web."

Britannica.com, January 31, 2000

Britannica.com has selected writerswrite.com as one of the best on the Internet when reviewed for quality, accuracy of content, presentation and usability.

BriefMe.com, January 7, 2000

WritersWrite is a massive website, dedicated to providing information about reading, writing, getting published, and the book industry in general. It's a powerhouse resource whose features range from the Internet Writing Journal to a section on songwriting, and from book reviews to job listings. If you want to immerse yourself in the world of literature, this is the place to go. Emily Colin, http://www.coastalcarolinapress.org "


4anything.com Editors Choice, December 30, 1999

"Writers Write
EDITOR'S CHOICE: Yes, writers write, and if they click on this site they'll find a huge, impressive storehouse of information."

The Cincinnati Post, December 10, 1999

"Thinking about writing the great American novel? Maybe you're more the romance-paperback or humorous-greeting-card type. No matter what your preference, get information and advice at the Writers Write site."

Training & Development, November 1, 1999

The Write News was selected by Training & Development in the article, "Sizzlin' Sites for Reference Tools".

PC Novice/Smart Computing, October 11, 1999

The Write Jobs has been selected as a top website for launching one's career by PC Novice/Smart Computing magazine.

Guru.com Recommmendation, September 30, 1999

Guru.com columnist Dan Pink, an expert on the independent workforce and the author of Free Agent Nation (William Morrow), recommends writerswrite.com to his readers.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, September 23, 1999

Writerswrite.com was mentioned in the Jackie's Picks to Click column by journalist Jackie Loohauis.

HitBox.com, September 2, 1999

"Warning: This site may give you Writer's cramp - News & Media
Writers rejoice! This site is custom made for all you literary types out there that live for the written word. The Write News is loaded with features and items revolving around the world of publishing and writing. There are easily over 1000 links from this page assuring that surfers will be kept in rapt attention."

Hamilton Spectator, July 16, 1999

Writerswrite.com was mentioned in the This Week's Sites column in the newspaper.

Seven Wonders, July 14, 1999

Seven Wonders awarded writerswrite.com as the Better Business Site of the Week on July 14th, 1999.


Writer's Journal, July/August, 1998 issue

Writers Write® is featured in the article entitled, "The Internet: A Brave New World for Fiction Writers."

The Writer magazine, July, 1998 issue

Features an interview with popular mystery novelist Joyce Christmas which first appeared in The Internet Writing Journal®.

USA Today Hot Site, May 21, 1998 issue

"Writing Journal USA Today Hot Site "Being connected to the Web doesn't just mean you can browse a great variety of sites. You can also publish your own. But first, you'll have to create some content that people will want to read. Which is where the The Internet Writing Journal comes in. You'll find interviews with accomplished writers, book reviews, writing news and tips.""

Lycos, Recommended Site, March, 11, 1998

"Writers Write
Technically this is resource for writing pros, but there's plenty of stuff for amateurs too. Read the author interviews, get some advice, and join in on a writing conference. Sooner or later you're bound to bump links with Kurt Vonnegut or somebody."

Suite 101 -- Top 5 Writing Resources on the Web, 1997-1998

Writer's Digest magazine, March, 1998 issue

The Internet Writing Journal® is featured in the Markets Section.

The Oregonian -- Oregon Live

Best Writing Resources--The Write NewsTM

"The Write NewsTM--Tips, tricks, sympathy and advice for writers, by writers."

1998 Poet's Market by Chantelle Bentley (Writer's Digest Books)

"Poets need to be mindful of proper submission policies when submitting to e-publications...For advice specific to Internet submissions, read the article "Submitting On the Internet"

Editor~Writer Magazine, Dec 97/Jan 1998 issue.

The launch of The Internet Writing Journal® is described in the Adds & Deletes: Launches, Folds & Rumors section of the magazine.


George, Jr., December, 1997

Web Insemination -- More Resources for Writers

"Writers Write Inc. expanded its news service and news media resource website, The Write News so that it updates daily on business days and focuses on the latest news in the publishing and writing worlds. Other features include World news, Arts news, and an extensive news media database with a tough of 1000 links, a free job listing service and archives."

Your WebScout Newsletter, November, 1997.

"Updated daily on business days, this online news and media resource features extensive coverage of the writing and publishing industries. Other offerings include World news, Arts news, an extensive news media database with over 1000 links, and a free job listing service.

The Electronic Recruiting News, November 13, 1997.

"We just discovered a marvelous tool for recruiting writers at The Write Resource called The Write Jobs. Currently free, the system will ultimately evolve into a fee based advertising tool. It's audience is what makes it a strong player. By reaching writers where they surf, you overcome the largest obstacle in most advertising efforts: getting your message in front of the right group."

Sony's Site of the Day, November 12, 1997

Compuserve U.K.'s Hot Site

Writers Write

A writing resource journal for writers by writers. Updated monthly, with past issues archived, this site provides all sorts of advice, articles and interviews with award-winning authors. Very useful for all would-be novelists and journalists.

College Media Advisers Newsletter -- Web Watch: A guide to online resources, October 1997

By Judith H. Bernstein, St. John's University

Writers Write -- The Internet Writing Journal

"This resource for journalists and literary writers recently published its second monthly offering. The two issues are crammed with useful information on subjects ranging from copyright to the efficacy of writers' groups to tips on poetry writing."

"In a sort of silicon "Writers' Market," Writers Write sports hyperlinks to publications that will buy articles from freelancers, as well as smaller 'zines that will publish fiction or non-fiction submissions, but which don't pay writers."

"But that's not all, folks: A section of the site featuring news of interest to writers is updated daily, and those who can't hack the freelance life will find job listings for full-time positions, too."

CNN Interactive, September 29, 1997

Daily News For Writers

"Writers Write has launched its expanded news service and news media resource Web site, The Write News. It's aimed at professional writers and is updated daily on business days with the latest news in the publishing and writing worlds. Other features include World news, Arts news, and an extensive news media database with over 1000 links, a free job listing service, archives, and the HowToWeb Update."

Internet Update, Newsbytes, September 29, 1997.

Media Daily, September 29, 1997.

Net Happenings, September 27, 1997.

THE WEB Magazine, September 10, 1997


"Now that the unschooled millions can instantly become writers with the help of a few Internet publishing tools, the need for a hub catering to "real" writers has never been more pressing. That call has been answered with Writers Write. We don't mean to say, however, that this newcomer is a highbrow, "don't visit unless you've been published" arena. Whether you're a serious writer, an avid reader, or a literary dabbler, Writers Write is the place to consult. The site's great monthly journal features interviews with noted authors, plus tips and advice columns. A must-bookmark for anyone putting pen to paper or code to a site." THE WEB Magazine



USA TODAY, September 8, 1997, Tech Report

The Internet Writing Journal
Writers Write

"These two sites, provided by Writers Write Inc., host a wealth of information for practicing or would-be writers, publishers, and editors. The current issue of the monthly Journal includes articles on how a Pulitzer Prize nominee creates characters, how to write mystery novels, and other advice for aspiring writers. The main Writers Write site contains numerous writing resources, including guidelines to paying and nonpaying online publications, writing and publishing news, message boards, and job listings."

The Scout Report, Volume 4, Number 19, September 5, 1997

Netsurfer Digest, August 25, 1997


"This nifty writers resource is devoted to info about and for publishers, editors and writers. You get writers' guidelines, writing-related news, access to message boards, and job listings, and articles on all types of writing and editing. A recent edition of The Internet Writing Journal, for example, included articles on topics ranging from e-mail's safety to helping children become writers in the computer age, to the 'secret of writing a great play.' Wannabe Shakespeares"

ZEN ENTERTAINMENT, August 20, 1997. AOL Keyword: ZEN.

Announces the launch of The Internet Writing JournalTM

ARTSWIRE CURRENTS, August 19, 1997, Vol. 6, #33.


"DALLAS, TX -- Writers WriteTM has announced the launch of its new online magazine, THE INTERNET WRITING JOURNALTM at The Journal features "how to" articles on writing and getting published; interviews with authors, editors, publishers and agents; product reviews' as well as editorials and columns on current topics in the writing and publishing worlds."

"The premier issue of The Journal features an interview with Gary Gach, author of THE POCKET GUIDE TO THE INTERNET. In the interview, Gach reveals the eight things journalists must do not to get left behind in the electronic revolution, gives advice for aspiring writers, and discusses the Internet and its effect on our society."

"This month's issue also includes an interview with freelance editor and Excite Acting Community Manager, Nancy Hanger. Hanger discusses how the electronic revolution has affected the publishing industry and individual writers. The magazine's "Spotlight On..." feature is currently showcasing the British poetry web site SNAKESKIN POETRY WEBZINE." Artswire Currents

Media Daily, Central Digest, August 3, 1997

Writers Write'sTM launch of The Internet Writing JournalTM is noted in Media Launches.

OzLit News, August 10, 1997.

Website for the Australian literary world, OzLit, wrote about the launch of The Internet Writing JournalTM in its literary news section.

USA TODAY, August 5, 1997, Tech Report

The Internet Writing Journal

"Writers Write has launched a new Web site, the Internet Writing Journal. It's an online magazine that intends to feature "how to" articles on writing and getting published; interviews with authors, editors, publishers and agents; product reviews, as well as editorials and columns on current topics in the writing and publishing worlds. If you want to improve your writing skills and apply them online, the first edition is online now. World Wide"

Web Crawler Select Guide, August 5, 1997

Writers Write

"A mammoth literary resource for writers and editors, featuring an index of online fiction, poetry, and non-fiction publications. Writers Write invites readers to join the literary community through links to chat rooms, message boards, writers' groups, and online publishers. If you're anxious to get in the fray, be sure to check out the Writing Contests area."

Internet Faces Magazine, Canada, August 5, 1997.

The Internet Writing Journal Launched

"Aug. 5, '97 - Dallas TX USA - Aspiring writers now have another online resource to tap into with the launch of Writers Write The Internet Writing Journal."

"This free publication, rich in content, offers lots of tips on writing and interviews with experts in the field. A couple of articles in this month's premiere edition are "Getting Published On The Internet For Beginners" and "Tips For Writing A Great Play"."

"The journal's editor-in-chief Claire E. White says 'the electronic revolution is here and it is having a huge impact on the writing and publishing worlds. The Journal will follow the trends and happenings as they occur. It also will provide practical advice for writers about improving and selling their work, in view of what's happening in the online world.'"

"This publication is the latest venture by Writers Write. Greg Knollenberg is the president of Writers Write Inc."

"At Writers Write, writers can learn where to submit their work online and this site offers lots more including free graphics for writers and tips on making a homepage. It also has a chat room, links to other resources, a message board and a free electronic postcard service." Internet Faces Magazine.

Telecomworldwire Daily News, August 4 and August 5, 1997

"Writers Write Inc. has launched the Internet Writing Journal, its new online magazine. The new publication is free and aimed at those wishing to improve their writing skills with an emphasis on how to apply these online."

Mining CompanyTM Best of the Net for August 1997

Dateline: 08/02/97, By Wendy Butler

"Each month, the Publishing site at the Mining CompanyTM will highlight a site that offers extraordinary quality and valuable information to publishing industry browsers."

"The recipient of the Best of the Net award for August is a site that may be overlooked by publishers because it is primarily a aimed at writers. However, with some of their latest additions, Writers Write has far too much valuable information available on its pages to be neglected."

"The first thing a visiting publisher should do is add a link to their Web site from the Book and CD Rom Publishers Database. It's free promotion at the very least, and a chance for you to find new authors as well. The writing contest listings are a fun browse, and the listing of online publications may introduce you to a few sites related to some of your titles that you never knew existed."

"The Write News page is a great stop for news relating to writing and publishing. It is updated daily, and the archives are also available for browsing."

"The highlight of the Writers Write Web site, at least for publishers, is their brand new Internet Writing Journal, which features 'how-to' articles on writing and getting published, interviews with authors, editors, publishers and agents, as well as editorials and columns on what's new in the writing and publishing industries. Notable articles in the premier issue include an interview with editor Nancy C. Hanger about editing, publishing and privacy on the internet, as well as an interview with Gary Gach, author of Writers.net and A Pocket Guide to the Internet, on the "'Electronic Revolution.'"

"Also on the site are a number of message boards, a java based chat room (that seems pretty sparse), job listings, information on setting up an authors Web page, and lists of writing schools and writers groups online."

"If Writers Write isn't already in your bookmark list, you're definitely going to want to have a look at this site."

NBNews Journal, August 1, 1997.

"Writers Write adds The Internet Writing Journal"

"Writers Write is happy to announce the release of its new publication, The Internet Writing Journal, which is available free online via the above-listed URL."

"The Internet Writing Journal will feature "how to" articles on writing and getting published, interviews with authors, editors, publishers and agents, product reviews, as well as editorials and columns on current topics in the writing and publishing worlds. The Internet Writing Journal(TM) is targeted towards those who want to improve their writing communication skills and learn how and where to apply them online. It is designed for aspiring authors, business writers, journalists, scholars and others who are interested in writing."

Media Daily, July 3, 1997

"Writers Write Inc. of Dallas has expanded its offerings. The free site provides a daily news service about writing and information on how to get published, where to submit articles and queries and how to find an agent. It also offers a database of online publications that publish fiction, nonfiction, poetry, journalism and screenplays, as well as their submission guidelines. New features include forums and downloadable graphics for use on writers' own home pages."

Telecomworldwire Daily News, June 20, 1997 and July 1, 1997

"Writers Write has expanded its web site - designed to enable aspiring writers to get published. The site is a resource where writers can find out where and how to submit their work, track down their submissions whilst editors, publishers and agents can add their publication to the listings, find employees with the free job listing service and keep up with the latest news in the writing world. Other features include the Write News, links to research sites on the research resources for Writers page, eleven topical message boards and many others."

Internet Update, Newsbytes News Network, May 20, 1997

"Online Hangout For Freelance Writers
Writers Write is an online resource for freelance writers. One of the most valuable resources on the site is a collection of submission guidelines from a long list of both fiction and non-fiction publications. It also offers details of useful resources online for writers, links to chat rooms for authors, writers groups and information and advice on subjects like submitting articles to publications."

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