June 30th, 1997

Writers WriteTM Helps Writers Get Published on the Internet

DALLAS, TX - June 30, 1997 - Writers WriteTM announced today the expansion of its online writing web site. Aware of the difficulties faced by most aspiring writers in getting published and in navigating the difficult waters of the Internet writing world, Writers WriteTM created a free web site to be a total resource for getting published online. From finding out where and how to submit their work to tracking their submissions, writers can find it all at Writers WriteTM. Editors, publishers and agents can use the site to add their publication to the listings, find employees with the free job listing service, and keep up with the latest news in the writing world. Writers WriteTM can be found at: http://writerswrite.com.

The listings include publications from around the world, including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States, which all accept online submissions from freelance writers.

Visitors to Writers WriteTM can:

--Search the database to find listings of online publications from around the world publishing fiction, non-fiction, poetry, journalism and screenplays with full submission guidelines
--Read The Write NewsTM, a daily news service highlighting news from the writing and publishing worlds
--Look for a writing-related job or, for employers, post a free job listing in The Write JobsTM
--Learn a full system for tracking their writing submissions using Writers Write's Triple Tracking Method
--Explore links to some of the best research sites on the extensive Research Resources for Writers page
--Download free graphics for use in making their own webpages
--Ask questions and join in the writing discussions on the eleven topical message boards
--Place a link to their own writer's homepages to showcase their original work
--Review lists of upcoming writer's conferences and writing contests
--Chat with other writers in either the java-based or the Virtual Places chat rooms
--Peruse the listings of writers' groups and newsletters found on the net

In addition to all of the above, editors, publishers and agents visiting Writers WriteTM can:

--Add their publication to the listing of online publications looking for submissions
--Solve their writing hiring needs by posting a job on the free job listing board
--Reserve the chat room in Virtual Places for forum discussions, or to showcase their own web sites

"The future of publishing is electronic - there is no question of that", says Editor-in Chief and co-founder Greg Knollenberg, "as the Internet and web publishing continue to grow, writers increasingly will be in demand. Traditional submissions by authors by regular mail are time-consuming and expensive -- that will change in the future. In the meantime, more and more publications are accepting submissions by email, a much more efficient process for both the author and the publisher. Our site helps expedite that process."

Claire White, co-founder and Assistant Editor-in-Chief further explains, "we believe that the Web offers a great new resource for writers. As new publications form because of the Internet and as publications which previously were only in print emerge on the Web in a new format, writers will be very much in demand. We provide a roadmap for navigating the maze of the online writing world."

"The response really has been overwhelming. We have had people tell us that they have had their work published as a result of using the information on our site. Others have emailed us to say that they were able to hire writers as a result of being listed on our site, and that is very gratifying to hear. It means that we are doing our job. In fact, we have had so many requests for technical advice on writing and getting published online that we will be launching our new Internet Writing JournalTM to address those issues."

The Internet Writing JournalTM will feature "how to" articles on writing and getting published, interviews with editors, publishers and agents, as well as editorials and columns on current topics in the writing and publishing world. The Internet Writing JournalTM will be launched on August 1, 1997, and will be available free online at http://writerswrite.com.

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