July 11, 2002

Writerswrite.com Launches Blogging Resource

Writers Write, Inc. has announced the launch of a new resource covering blogging and weblogs. The blogging resource is a new section on writerswrite.com, a professional resource for journalists and writers. Blogging is the latest Internet craze. New articles about blogs appear daily in major newspapers and magazines. A cross between having your own column and putting your diary online, blogs run the gamut from the professional to the very personal.

The new resource includes blogging news headlines, resources, tools and articles about creating a weblog. An online discussion forum is also provided. The site launch includes "A Practical Guide to Blogging", an article in The Internet Writing Journal, writerswrite.com's award-winning monthly online magazine, that explains what weblogs are all about and whether creating a blog is something an author, journalist or writer might want to do.

Writers Write, Inc. is a new media company which publishes Writers Write®, the Internet's largest and leading writing resource. The company's flagship website, Writerswrite.com, receives over 3 million hits and 1 million pageviews each month. Writerswrite.com provides job listings, markets, discussion, links and an award winning online magazine, The Internet Writing Journal®, which contains author interviews, articles and book reviews in all genres. Writers Write, Inc. also owns and produces Howtoweb.com, Writenews.com, Driversdrive.com, TradersTrade.com and Readersread.com.

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