August 1st, 1997

Writers WriteTM Launches The Internet Writing JournalTM

DALLAS, TX - August 1, 1997 - Writers WriteTM announced today the launch of its new online magazine, The Internet Writing JournalTM. The Internet Writing JournalTM will feature "how to" articles on writing and getting published, interviews with authors, editors, publishers and agents, product reviews, as well as editorials and columns on current topics in the writing and publishing worlds. The Internet Writing JournalTM is targeted towards those who want to improve their writing communication skills and learn how and where to apply them online. It is designed for aspiring authors, business writers, journalists, scholars and others who are interested in writing. The Internet Writing JournalTM is available free online at http://www.writerswrite.com/journal/.

The premier issue of The Journal features an interview with Gary Gach, Internet expert and bestselling author of The Pocket Guide to the Internet and Writers.net. In the interview, Gach reveals the eight things journalists must do not to get left behind in the electronic revolution, gives advice for aspiring writers, and discusses the Internet and its effect on our society. This month's issue also features an interview with freelance editor and Excite Acting Community Manager, Nancy Hanger. Hanger, the copyeditor for Buzz Aldrin's bestselling novel Encounter With Tiber, discusses how the electronic revolution has affected the publishing industry and individual writers as well as privacy and encryption issues for Net users. The magazine's "Spotlight Onů" feature showcases innovative British poetry web site Snakeskin Poetry Webzine. This month's publication features these articles: "How Can I Help My Child Become a Writer in the Age of Nintendo and Carmen San Diego", "Tips For Writing A Great Play", "Effective Writing For The Workplace", and "Getting Published on the Internet For Beginners". This month's product review evaluates acclaimed author Tom Parker's new interactive CD-ROM, The Desktop Writing Workshop.

"We founded The Journal as a free web magazine devoted to the world of Internet writing," says Claire E. White, Editor-in-Chief. "The electronic revolution is here and it is having a huge impact on the writing and publishing worlds. The Journal will follow the trends and happenings as they occur. It also will provide practical advice for writers about improving and selling their work, in view of what's happening in the online world."

Greg Knollenberg, President of Writers Write, Inc. explains further, "The advantage of the Internet is that it allows us the opportunity to utilize the interactive nature of the medium to do some interesting and entertaining things. For example, this month's issue features an interactive reader poll about whether the hyphen should be dropped from the word "on-line".

The Internet Writing JournalTM is published by Writers Write, Inc., and is a new addition to the rapidly expanding Writers WriteTM web site. Writers WriteTM is a free web site devoted to being a total resource for Internet writing. From finding out where and how to submit their work to tracking their submissions, writers can find it all at Writers WriteTM. Editors, publishers and agents can use the site to add their publication to the listings, find employees with the free job listing service, and keep up with the latest news in the writing and publishing worlds. Writers WriteTM includes listings of publications from around the world, including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Writers WriteTM can be found at: http://writerswrite.com. Both The Internet Writing JournalTM and Writers WriteTM are designed and maintained by HowToWebTM, the design division of Writers Write, Inc. HowToWebTM is located at: http://howtoweb.com.

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