August 17th, 2000

Writers Write Launches Epublishing Resource

Writerswrite.com, the Internet's largest writing site, has announced the launch of its comprehensive new epublishing resource. The resource covers multiple aspects of epublishing including ebooks, print-on-demand (POD), email publishing, digital content, electronic ink and web publishing. The new resource helps journalists, writers, publishers and other content professionals keep up with this rapidly developing industry. The epublishing resource can be found on writerswrite.com at: http://www.writerswrite.com/epublishing/.

The sections include an overview of epublishing, information about ebooks and what they mean to authors, links to numerous ebook resources including a list of epublishers, and recent epublishing news headlines. Also provided are in-depth articles, including an article that helps writers learn how to choose an epublisher and learn what to look for and what to avoid when selecting an epublisher. Other methods for delivering content are also covered, including wireless publishing, electronic ink, email publishing and web publishing. An online discussion board is also provided for readers to discuss epublishing topics.

Greg Knollenberg, CEO of Writers Write, Inc. said, "Writers and other content professionals need to stay informed about developing technologies. The Internet has already changed how writers and journalists do their jobs and increased the number of skills they are required to learn. The same goes for epublishing -- there are new technologies, new software and new standards. Those who get a jump start on others might have an big advantage. Our epublishing section will help writers monitor changes, learn about new developments and learn how these new technologies can impact their work."

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