December 11, 2002

Writers Write, Inc. Launches WWForums.com

Writers Write, Inc. has announced the beta launch of WWForums.com, a new online community for readers and writers. WWForums.com is a new community that will be part of Writers Write, Inc's network of sites targeting journalists, readers, writers and media and publishing professionals. Many of the discussion forums on wwforums.com will link back to a section on writerswrite.com or readersread.com where users can find more information on the topic.

The online community offers discussion forums for readers and writers in multiple genres including journalism, mystery, romance, fantasy and science fiction, children's writing, blogging, screenwriting, songwriting, technical writing and many more. To post on the forums users must first register on the website, but people do not need to register to browse the forum and read the postings.

Writers Write, Inc. is a new media company which publishes Writers Write®, the Internet's largest and leading writing resource. The company's flagship website, Writerswrite.com, receives over 3 million hits and 1 million pageviews each month. Writerswrite.com provides job listings, markets, discussion, links and an award winning online magazine, The Internet Writing Journal®, which contains author interviews, articles and book reviews in all genres. Writers Write, Inc. also owns and produces Howtoweb.com, Writenews.com, Driversdrive.com, TradersTrade.com and Readersread.com.

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